Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Monsters Find Adventure at The Mountain Club on Loon!

Even a Tummy Ache Couldn't Ruin Our Stay at The Mountain Club on Loon

Last week was a pretty upsetting week in the world of travel blogging. Our awesome planned trip to the Virgin Islands was squashed because of Hurricane Danny. We were majorly bummed. We  had been hyping this trip to the girls all summer long and not having it seemed like a great way to ruin the end of summer. I just couldn't see us staying home all week, mourning the loss of the trip, so I planned to go back to one of our favorite travel destinations instead: The White Mountains of New Hampshire. Normally we stick around North Conway, but we ventured to Lincoln instead and stayed at the Mt. Club on Loon.

I have fond memories of this place from my childhood, so I was excited to bring the girls. We stayed in one of the suites for the week and there was so much room. There was a full bedroom, two murphy beds, and a sleepable sofa....plenty of space for the Monsters to snooze. There was also a fully equipped kitchen which we used daily. Some people may think it's odd to cook on vacation, but since we are a vegan family, sometimes cooking is just an easier (and certainly cheaper) option. The Mt. Club also has many amenities including two pools and an outdoor hot tub. There is also a spa which we didn't get to use (one of these days I am going to get to take an adult spa vacation with the hubs!)

Absolutely LOVED this body line!
Being a travel writer has successfully convinced me I need a fancier tub 

Sleepy Monster
The absolute best thing about the hotel is its proximity to all the action at Loon Mountain. We walked from our room to the adventure park where we took advantage of the all day super adventure pass. There is so much included in this pass including:
Aerial Forest Adventure Park (2-hr. session), Zipline (round-trip), Biking (2-hr. rental) and unlimited access to Gondola Skyride, Glacial Caves & Summit Adventures, LogJam Maze, Bungee Trampoline, Climbing Wall, Spider Web and Paul Bunyan's Bouncin' Backyard.

We had an absolute blast at the park! The ziplining was so fun and the staff was beyond friendly. My personal favorite part was the glacial caves because it is something I normally wouldn't do, but the Monsters pushed me out of my comfort zone, and it was amazing. The super adventure pass is available through the fall and I highly recommend it....it is certainly a bargain for the amount you get for it.

Now, as the title alluded, there were some tummy troubles on this trip. Zoe Monster caught a weird 24 hour bug and got pretty sick. We decided to cut our three night stay down to two and left in kind of a hurry, not realizing that we were forgetting Lea's blankie there in the process.I called the resort during a super busy time on a Friday night and the woman at the front desk,Cassie, found it within an hour for me and said she would UPS it home for me…..Well, Mike, the manager, contacted me and let me know he upgraded the shipping to FEDEDX overnight at no charge so little Lea would have it on Monday. They were literally dropping my blankie off at nearly 11:30 at night to make my daughter happy! I cannot say enough about this place and you would be silly to stay anywhere else in Lincoln....awesome stay....awesome people! Check out our video recap live on YouTube now!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

When it Rains, it Pours: Our day at Sesame Place....GIVEAWAY

How's that Sesame Street theme song go? "Sunny Days...sweepin the clouds away." Well, our day at Sesame Place was the complete opposite of that and really a comedy of errors. After spending the week in the Poconos, I decided that we should surprise the Monsters with a trip to Sesame Place; we had never been and we never surprise them with anything, so I was beyond excited. We drove the hour and a half to get there and their reaction when we pulled up was priceless: they were ecstatic (it's including in the video below.)

I was so excited for our fun family day as we walked straight to the Vapor Trail roller coaster. That is the precise moment the universe decided to hate on Lil' Blonde Monsters big time. A power line went down and the ENTIRE CITY of Langhorne lost power. The park remained open but obviously all rides were shut down. We decided to keep our place on the Vapor Trail and waited almost two hours for power to be fully restored and then about an additional 45 minutes for the Vapor Trail to be functional.

As a positive, we made some friends with our fellow Vapor Trail squatters and the staff members working the ride were super helpful giving us water and frequent updates. Finally we got on the Vapor Trail and it was absolutely awesome after waiting so long. After that we did some of the dry rides since the majority of the park is water based.

We also saw Elmo the Musical which was awesome; we were literally inches from Elmo and Cookie the whole show and Cookie Monster took a liking to the hubs, teasing him the whole show which the girls loved. After a quick bite to eat we were pumped to get our water ride on. The dry rides and show took about an hour and a half for some perspective on how disappointing what happened next was....Langhorne was hit with a MASSIVE lightning storm and everything shut down again. At this point, we were sad and very much done so we left. A day that started off with all promise in the world was ruined by not one, but two completely freak occurrences.

Mere minutes before the storm struck

I have to say that what we did get to do at the park was great, but we missed out on a lot of the fun the park has to offer, so I can't give you my normal full review. Luckily for you, my loss is your gain. When I told Sesame Place about my day, they agreed to let me host a giveaway for a FAMILY FOUR PACK of tickets to Sesame Place (expiration 12/31/15.) These would be great to use for The Count's Halloween Spooktacular or A Very Furry Christmas, both coming this fall. Enter below and hope the weather and the universe are more on your side than mine!

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Perfect Poconos Family Vacation at Fernwood Resortl

When I used to think of the Poconos, I would think of cheesy heart shaped hot tubs and old folks having a romantic weekend away, so when the hubby suggested we take a family trip there this summer, I wasn't sure. Well, the Poconos I saw at Fernwood Resort were nothing like the one in my mind. Fernwood is a perfect place for the family to unwind from city life and just relax and spend time together.

Our suite for the week was huge and basically a home away from home. There were two full bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a fully equipped kitchen which we used daily.

Save some money by cooking lunches here

The outside view
The suite was super spacious, comfortable, and clean, and the girls loved every minute we spent at Fernwood!

Happy campers! 

The thing that really sets Fernwood aside from other family resorts in the amenities. First of all, there are SIX swimming pools. We went to four of them and they were all great. There is also lakefront bumper boats, mini golf, and an arcade. All of those are super affordable for families to enjoy together. The real standouts though are the adventure events. There is the Treeventures and Zip Line course which was amazing. I cannot believe that I actually ziplined, but I did, and it was a blast. Although we had passes for the trees course, Zoe Monster was a little too nervous so we skipped it; it did look amazing though. We also did some summer tubing on Blue Lightning which was ridiculously fast (and fun!) There really is something for everyone at the Resort including a full regular golf course for adults to take in while the kids do some of the wilder events.

Tubing Monster!
Blue Lightning!

The minute we left, we swore to go back again next summer and make this a real return spot for our family and I think if you give it a shot, you'll feel the same. Check out Fernwood Resort, you won't regret it!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Disney Short Films Collection Hits DVD and Blu-ray: GIVEAWAY!

After watching The Descendants like a billion times, I was more than ready to mix up the Disney magic in our home (seriously, I find myself singing Rotten to the Core in my sleep!) Luckily for me, the Short Films Collection is available in stores now, and it is a must own for Disney fans everywhere.

If you are anything like me you salivate when you hear that the newest Disney or Pixar film has a short attached to the beginning. These films are everything that makes Disney so great rolled up into a 5 minute package and this DVD has some of my absolute favorites on it. Let's get the big guns out of the way first: this is the first DVD release of Frozen Fever! Once your kids watch that about twenty times in a row (trust me, they will) they will probably freak out to see Rapunzel and Flynn tie the knot in Tangled Ever After. Some of the best moments on this DVD don't even feature fan favorite characters though: Paperman is a beautifully done black and white short that is beyond romantic; John Henry is a tall tale that pits man against machine and has some powerful historic undertones for children; Feast is the oscar winning short about a vegetable loathing puppy. All together there are 12 fantastic shorts to share with your family. For the cinephiles like myself, there is an option to view the shorts with a filmmaker introduction and these add even more pixie dust to the shorts.

I am in love with our newest member of the Disney DVD collection and you should be too! I have two copies to giveaway. One copy is exclusively being given away on my Facebook page and the other in the app below, so check both out and good luck!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Thomas Land Grand Opening at Edaville

Today the Monsters and I got a chance to be part of a pretty big event: the ribbon cutting at Thomas Land at our favorite place, Edaville. Thomas Land is the first park of its kind in the United States and is poised to bring tremendous growth to Edaville. Thomas Land covers 11.5 acres and boasts 11 rides based on Thomas & Friends and the Island of Sodor. The rides and attractions feature beloved characters such as Thomas, Percy, Diesel, Toby, Cranky the Crane, and more!


We started the day off getting some Thomas swag including train whistles which did not stop whistling all day throughout the park. We got to play some games with some great Edaville staff before taking the first ever ride on Thomas!

After our ride, we headed over to the ribbon cutting ceremony with moving speeches from all those who worked so hard to bring Sodor to life in Carver and a special V.I.P. appearance from Tamara Mowry! The ribbon was cut, and the Monsters got to try out all the new rides. Some attractions are still under construction, but despite that, you can already tell what a triumph Thomas Land will be! The girls had a great time and I'm sure you will too!

The grand opening for the public is Saturday 8/15 and you can get all the information you need beforehand HERE. Check back tomorrow for a vlog showing our day at the park.....all aboard!