Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scary Good Times at Six Flags New England's Fright Fest

Halloween is my favorite day of the year. Since I was young, I always appreciated a good scare, a fantastic costume, piles of candy, and warm apple cider. Luckily for me, it seems like my Monsters are inheriting my love for the season, so I knew I wanted to take them to Fright Fest at Six Flags New England. 

Fright Fest is Six Flag's annual celebration of all things macabre. The park is decked out in ghoulish decorations but remains the normal park by day, but come sundown, the zombies and monsters are unleashed and a slew of horrifying Halloween themed attractions wait to scare brave souls.  Many people may think that Fright Fest is too intense for kids since some of the haunts are deemed only acceptable for ages 13 and up. As a "mommy blogger" I am here to tell you that is simply not true. Even after sundown you can have a blast with the kids. I purchased the girls special glow stick necklaces sold throughout the park for $5 that let the monsters know to leave them alone. My absolute favorite moment from our visit was when one of the monsters was chasing a girl behind us and Lea turned around a little scared; the monster saw her necklace and said "Sorry princess," and with a wave to Lea, he retreated. Lea was so psyched that her necklace really worked! All the monsters, zombies, and vampires around the park were beyond nice to the girls, giving high fives instead of inducing nightmares. The Fright Fest staff is truly an amazing group. Some of the other great family attractions at Fright Fest are the shows. We saw a fantastic mad science show and the girls went nuts over Graveyard Groove, an awesome stage show that monsterizes some of pop's catchiest tunes. Zoe was also a huge fan of the Skyscreamer which (gulp) goes backwards during Fright Fest.

Mad scientists in action!

$1 gets you a trick or treat bag with proceeds going to charity

Awesome live show!

If you get a sitter for the night, Fright Fest offers adults a thrilling time. Besides the normal rides, there are premium haunts sure to terrify you. Are you brave enough to explore the Wicked Woods? Are the manic clowns of Slasher Circus too terrifying for you? Perhaps the most horror filled though is Total Darkness....a blackout maze....yikes!

Whether you want a tame family day or the stuff nightmares are made of, Fright Fest has it all. This is one spooktacular I will be sure to make an annual tradition. Check the Fright Fest site for hours and happy haunting!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Have an Enchanting Time at King Richard's Faire

Huzzah! Here ye, Here ye, fair maidens and knights, King Richard's Faire is in town! It's fall in Carver, so that means that everyone is dusting off their medieval garb and headed to the funnest faire in all the land. I had actually never been to King Richard's Faire so I was so excited to bring the girls and I can definitely say we had a blast! When we first walked in, we were greeted by various princesses which the girls loved! We immediately bought some flower crowns to get into the spirit of the faire.

Next up was the HILARIOUS whip show. I was literally laughing aloud at this and the girls loved it too...not to mention Frenchie is not too bad on ze' eyes.

Trust me, you need to see this show!
We then made our way to the jousting field where we took in the first jousting event of the day. Since I'm a faire newbie, I would offer the tip of bringing a blanket for little ones to sit on, since the jousting shows only have ground seating although we were fine without one.

Although the shows are great, we also had a great time just taking in the shops and sights of the faire. This is truly what the Faire is all about: the sights, sounds, food and drink of an earlier time. This isn't a carnival, but an experience! That being said, there are also various rides and games you can purchase (usually about $4 a person) and the girls really enjoyed those too.

The girls loved this maze which you exit on a giant slide

One of my favorite things about the Faire is the Mud Show. This bawdy show features dirty jokes and even dirtier mud. It was disgusting in the absolute best way possible! 

King Richard's Faire was a great family day out. The Faire is open through October in Carver, MA. I have two sets of family four packs of tickets to giveaway, valid any day but October 5. Enter below for one set of tickets (the other set will be exclusively given away on my facebook page so check that out too!) Contest winners will be picked on 9/29, so enter today!

Lil' Blonde Witches & Fairies? CHASING FIREFLIES Halloween photo shoot!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chasing Fireflies Offers the Perfect Costumes for Halloween

Chasing Fireflies remains one of my absolute favorite companies for anything for the girls; whether it's clothing or party supplies, Chasing Fireflies has some of the cutest and high quality stuff on the market. That is why I knew I wanted to get the Monsters their costumes there this year. Last year, I went to the seasonal Halloween store and while the costumes were cute, they were pretty generic and I saw multiple kids in very similar get ups. I let the girls persuse the Chasing Fireflies catalog and I was pretty thrilled with their choices since they had a theme: candy! Zoe decided on the Candy Corn Witch and Lea went with the Candy Fairy. Prepare yourself for some serious cuteness is 3...2...1...

Check out a video of our photoshoot! 

Seriously....how fantastic do they look? The costumes are both so bright and vibrant. Lea's Candy Fairy has tons of dangling candy accents and bright layers of tulle. She paired the costumes with the matching Candy Fairy wings, choker, and headband

Zoe's Candy Corn which is a very bright orange that will certainly pop on a dark halloween night. It is made of soft velvet and accents of tulle and she also paired hers with the matching choker, hat, and broom.

Trust me when I tell you these are only two of MANY adorable costumes that Chasing Fireflies has to offer. Chasing Fireflies also offers insanely detailed Disney costumes that are 100% better than anything you can pick up at the mall. With Halloween around the corner, make sure to check out Chasing Fireflies for all your costume needs and have a spooktacular Halloween!

The photos is this post are courtesy of Embellish Photography and Design